Members of Ride4Life are passionate about the mental health sector. Many of us have lived experience of mental illness and/or suicide. Many of us will have also been subjected to the various forms of stigma that surround these topics.

The organisation grew out of the passion of the original members to do something about creating an organisation that operated from as altruistic a view as possible. We wanted to make sure that the work we do and the money we raised directly impacted on people experiencing issues. Whilst we acknowledge that there are administrative costs in running any organisation, our desire is to make sure these are kept to an absolute minimum and that as much of the work as possible is handled by volunteers.

The organisation has come from a grass roots beginning and we want to make sure it stays that way.

Shane Taylor - President

President - Shane Taylor

Shane lives in Eaglehawk and is well known in the Bendigo bike scene.  He has done several long distance rides and acted in an organising capacity on several of these rides. Shane has been involved in the organisation of a charity ride in Bendigo over the last few years and has a good working relationship with the Bendigo Suicide Prevention Network (SPAN) and media outlets in Bendigo also. Rides a Victory Magnum.

Shane Wescott

Vice President - Shane Wescott

Shane lives in Melbourne, is also a Farrider, and has been involved in charity rides since 2013, raising money and awareness for Mental Health issues. He was part of the first meeting at Ride4Life in 2017, and has been assisting with the organisation since then. He travels extensively for work, usually with his mascot Winston. Together they have visited 7 countries, and racked up 1000’s of klm’s talking to people about Mental Health, presenting to groups, and asking them RUOK. Shane and Winston ride on his 2002 Ducati ST2.

Kerry Wescott

Secretary - Kerry Wescott

Kerry lives in Melbourne, has a hubby (Shane), 3 sons, and 3 grand daughters. She has worked as a volunteer secretary for a school in the past, as well as admin for a Karate Club. Kerry was present at the first Ride4Life meeting, and is looking forward to the challenge of the role as Secretary. Kerry owns a customised 2016 Harley Davidson Street 500 (lowered and blinged up), and is very excited about picking up a new Can-Am Ryker in July.

James Cardwell - Secretary

Assistant Secretary - James Cardwell

James lives in Kyneton and has also done a number of long distance rides. He has a huge role as Secretary including managing memberships, keeping minutes and all documentation in order. James is also the Public Officer for the Association. Rides a Triumph Explorer.


Membership and Public Relations -

Waiting profile and photo.


Treasurer - Paige Thompson

Paige has been our treasurer since inception and resigned on 31 May 2019 to pursue other interests.  As Paige lived in Sydney she was somewhat isolated from the group.  Paige did a fantastic job in following through on our Deductible Gift Recipient status with the ATO. Ride4Life will always value the contribution Paige has made to the organisation.

We are now looking for a new Treasurer. Must have bookkeeping experience and be able to run Quickbooks efficiently.

Ric Raftis - Vice President

Webmaster - Ric Raftis

Ric was one of the initial instigators of Ride4Life and served as Vice President for the first 2 years as well as doing the website. Ric wrote websites for several years and has now retired and focused on doing a bit of travelling.  He continues to maintain the website and set up the events for Ride4Life.

In addition to the Executive Committee, we also have Kerry Miller, Kerrie Belmore and David "Barney" Livingstone onboard as additional ordinary committee members to help out.