A message from the President for new years day 2018

Welcome to 2018!  I hope you all have a very prosperous year.

I would like to recap over 2017.  What a year!  We have seen the birth of the Ride4life Inc and since that time the Committee has worked hard to ensure things happen. In March 2017 the Inaugural Bendigo Day ride in conjunction with SPAN saw over 100 bikes involved.  We saw $5000 plus raised for Life Line Bendigo which went to the training of more telephone volunteers. 


Then in November we saw the commencement of The Extra Dollop Ride covering over 2600 kms across Victoria and visiting the Dairy Areas to show the support to the farmers. We had 16 riders do the full distance and others catching up along the way.

Little things done by members that Ride4Life supports as well most certainly encourage people and this is just a way of thanking them as well acknowledge their foresight and efforts.

  1. Kerrie assisted a mother and children experiencing PTSD (see the story) going through hard times by way of call out and having members come to assist with making it a day of enjoyment. This also saw Ride4Life visiting the Path of the Horse who was welcoming and assisted with making the day even better for not just the family but to all that attended. Thank you Kerrie for getting it done. It was also good of Humps to bring his trike along so the family could have a ride.
  2. Humps also came up with an idea through his business to keep old batteries that could be sold off of as scrap with all proceeds going to Ride4Life which has been a great assistance with the Ride4Life business. He recently gave $100 to our admin and $50 to the donations account.

There are special souls in this world and Ride4Life have a great deal of them which we are very thankful for.

So heading into 2018 we see that Ride4Life has made an impression in a positive way and in  March 2018 will have the following rides all supporting projects at Lifeline:-

  1. Bendigo
  2. Shepparton
  3. Melbourne

There may well be others to add to this list by March.  We are still having discussions with other areas and also welcome enquiries from towns wanting to run rides where all the registration fees go to the selected charity.

Then in Late august we will see the Long Ride heading out with the poll selecting to head to Noosa.

As well the Committee is working on other areas for 2019 hoping to see a growth in March Rides to be held in other states and local locations, thus spreading the positive work that Ride4Life has commenced to achieve a full support showing that Mental Health Matters.

So in closing I would to thank you all for making Ride4Life what it is today and even more in the future.


Shane Taylor