Thanks for clicking on the button. We appreciate your interest in supporting our work.  Before we send you to that page however, let us tell you a few things that we consider important about donating to Ride4Life.

  1. 100% of all registration fees for our rides go to the named charity.
  2. The organisation is run entirely by volunteers at this stage.
  3. We do have administration expenses such as acquiring merchandise, and internet costs that are met from membership fees and our annual ride.
  4. We run as lean as possible but we are always keen to receive donations to our administration to fund our needs.
  5. We publish all our financials on the site when they are passed at a General Meeting or AGM. We insist on transparency.
  6. Whilst we are a registered charity, we have not pursued Deductible Gift Recipient status at this stage so we can't offer you a tax deduction.
  7. We can offer advertising opportunities on the site where we enjoy large traffic numbers. This should result in a tax deduction for the advertiser. Contact us to discuss this if you would like to consider this opportunity.
  8. Our organisation is run by the members and the committee is accountable to the members.
  9. You can elect when donating to specify where you want the money to go by selecting one of our campaigns.  We will always honour your choice.

If you still wish to donate to assist us, then we welcome your input. Simply click on the link below.